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Our Approach

Based on our diverse engineering background within the industry, we are able to offer high level technical advice and detailed design solutions to suit any client’s requirements.  While comfortable within all areas of the building services field, BIM Yorkshire will always retain a real focus towards the build-ability of the designed systems.

We are also focused on the effective use of sustainable renewable energy systems, when commercially viable to do so.

State of the art analysis and design tools are integral to our mind set of delivering the highest quality service to our clients.  With every project follows a strict internal quality control program, to ensure our standard does not fluctuate.

Our Story

BIM Yorkshire started in 2014, obviously in Yorkshire.  We saw an opportunity in the market place for a team of practically minded engineers to use the BIM software to produce build-able designs.  Our focus has always been to work with and for contractors to ensure that what we design is physically build-able and achievable within the clients budget.

Meet the Team

Construction knowledge is always our focus, allowing us to ensure that what we design is build-able.


Mark S Levenston

Founder & Director

Originally trained as an architect in Scotland, Mark went on to complete his Masters at the University of Dundee.  Following this he has spent the majority of his working life to this point, actively engaged within the building services field.  Specifically focusing on three dimensional modelling, the effective use of renewable energy systems and natural ventilation design.

Due to his background, he often focuses on the finished aesthetic of the design sooner in the process than would traditionally be the case.  This can often act to improve the completed outcome of a design and provide a more enjoyable experience of the space for the end users.

Having worked as a technical director of a large national contracting business on a number of large scale mechanical and electrical projects, he is comfortable with system design and working within a larger team.  Always choosing to engage with the on-site team, as their practical skills are invaluable when trying to complete a project as a whole and deliver it to the highest standards.

As an active member of CISBE Yorkshire, Mark is always looking to improve his knowledge of the industry and learn of new technical advancements.


John Warden

Senior Electrical Engineer

Having spent many years working within the detailed electrical design of nuclear submarines, John acquired his Masters.  Following this he moved on to project management that saw him travel extensively throughout the globe on a variety of project.

Having based himself primarily within Yorkshire for the past ten years he has worked, almost extensively within the construction sector on bother domestic and non-domestic projects.  Having his knowledge to add to the mix is often invaluable, as with a real focus on safety we can be comfortable that he assesses a design from a number of aspects, before reaching the optimum solution.  In addition due to his practical mind set, he often considers the sometimes overlooked aspect of continual maintenance as a key design driver.

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Steve Dwight

Senior Electrical Engineer

Steve began his career in 1994 as a trainee electrician serving an apprenticeship with one of Leeds’ most established M&E contractors. There he progressed through the ranks, being involved in and looking after numerous projects for clients including Tyne Tees Television, Leeds University & Local NHS Trust.

In 2003 Steve decided to further his career and joined a local well known consulting engineering practice as a trainee engineer, progressing to senior engineer level. During his time there he further enhanced his site-based knowledge by combining both technical and practical skills to provide quality engineering solutions across a wide range of electrical systems. Additionally, Steve was sponsored between 2003 to 2007 to study the Building Services Engineering degree course at the University of Central Lancashire, where he gained a BEng (Hons) Degree.

During his 29 years’ experience within the construction industry Steve has gained a vast and varied understanding of both installation and design engineering. With experience in all construction sectors including Commercial, Education, Industrial, Food Processing, among others.


Saurabh Bedade

Junior Mechanical Design Engineer

Having a Mechanical Engineering background, Saurabh has completed his master’s in advanced mechanical engineering at the University of Leeds. As an adept Mechanical Engineer, he has well-rounded skill set in 3D modelling and he is technically sound.

Due to his background, he is engaged with the Mechanical side of the Building services field specifically focusing on three-dimensional modelling.

As an associate of CIBSE Yorkshire, Saurabh is up to date with the latest Construction industry updates and is always looking to improve his knowledge and learn new technical advancements.

Contact Us

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